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  • Automatic Packaging

Automatic Packaging

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Product Features

  • Jaepack develops and produces carry handle applicator for a wide range of different package arrangements - whether they consist of bottles, food, consumer goods packages. Jaepack handle machine is designed to use in combing bundle and handle at a time. Jaepack carry handle enables consumers to easily carry multi-packs anywhere.
  • A wide adhesive tape is supplied to the multi-pack for a bundle and handle simultaneously. Its adhesive properties do not any damages the product's taping and also promotional messages such as bar code or logo can be printed on the tape. Jaepack handle applicator with a compact size is available to be adapted to even small production line.
  • Make your packaging costs much lower with Jaepack handle applicator.


  • Bundle size range(L x W x Hmm) :
    - Max. 350 x 300 x 250
    - Min. 100 x 100 x 50
  • Capacity : 30~50 Bundle/min
  • EL : 220V x 3, 60Hz
  • Air : 6 Bar
  • Tape roll diameters : 350mm
  • Tape width : 450, 550, 650mm