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  • Automatic Packaging

Automatic Packaging

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Product Features

  • Application of many kind of box
  • Main body & pillar : Steel, Welding structure.
  • Corrosion resistant construction.
  • Fully Automatic flap folding
  • Fully Automatic control regardless of box size
  • The High quality tape dispenser ensures easy tape replacement and tape roller stability during the sealing process.


  • Model : Buchimi-600
  • Capacity : 분당 Min. 10 박스

Carton Size Range

Group Data Carton Size range Capacity Air(6 bar) Type Electricity
Model   L W H Cases/min Consumtion
Random carton Buchimi-500 Min - 120 120 Max.20 4.0L/Cycle Semi automatic 3×220V / 380V.60㎐
Max 460 460
Buchimi-600 Min 200 120 120 Max.10 17.0L/Cycle Fully automatic
Max 500 460 470
  • Other sizes and style variations are available on request
  • The specifications can be changed for improvement without prior notices
  • Confirm the last specification with sales person.